Ideas with Soft Toys and Feet

🐻 Find small soft things the child will be able to hold between his/her feet e.g. teddies, socks, cushions, bean bags or door stoppers.

Remember it should be:
✳️ small enough to hold,
✳️ heavy enough to provide some resistance so the child exerts some effort, but
✳️ soft enough that he/she will not get hurt if it lands on their faces by accident πŸ™‚

πŸ’‘Find a place where the child can lie on his/her back, head supported e.g. with pillow. Place a bowl or basket behind their heads that will be the target to drop the toys.

🎯 It can be done in two ways:

  • in the direction from their feet to their heads (toes-to-top) ,
  • from their heads to the feet (top-to-toes)

🎯 This activity is quick and relatively easy. Good for working on their tummy muscles!


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