Ideas with Swinging Targets

Good day! When it is almost weekend, and you are looking to get out of the house and do some fun activities with the kids, here are some ideas for Building Bodies.

Make different swinging targets by stuffing things you can find around the house such as:

🥊 old stockings with a tennis ball
🥊 plastic orange bag with balls/socks/small soft toys/ bean bags
🥊 buff with socks (tie ends with elastic/rope)
🥊 BIG continental pillow case with scatter cushions

Remember to:

✳️ Hang the targets where they will not hit something or someone else, or perhaps break a window
✳️ Ensure all knots are secured
✳️ Adjust height of target to about child’s eye level

🎯 A good tip to remember: Increase weight to provide more resistance against which the child needs to push/hit. This will enhance feedback from the child’s body that is helps to build and develop muscle strength, endurance and motor control.

Try different ways to hit the target:

💡 both hands together in midline, one hand on either side (forward hitting motion away from body)
💡 one hand above the other hand while holding onto the same end of e.g. the pool noodle (sideways movement, crossing body midline when hitting target from right and left sides)
💡 can hang two targets (both sides of the child); targets should be within reach when it swings, but far enough that child has to look at target and wait for it to swing closer in order to hit it (good for developing timing and eye-hand coordination)
💡 can encourage child to stand on a mat to limit walking/moving closer to target

Note the difference between forward and sideways hitting motion
Targets on right and left side, child trying not to move off the mat

Can also incorporate a trampoline so that the child can jump with both feet and hit/push target with hands.

For older children: use right/left hands alternating or together. Can also try and bump the swinging target with his/her head 🙂

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