Ideas for Strengthening Hands and Fingers Away From the Desk

Hi! I trust you are having a good week so far.

When school work is getting a bit much and the kids (or the parents) need a break, or get some fresh air outside, here are some ideas for strengthening their hand and finger muscles, away from tables, chairs and papers:

  1. Draw pictures or play tic-tac-toe with charcoal on the pavement
  2. Practice writing patterns in the sand or mud (can use their finger, or a rock or stick)
  3. Pop bubble wrap
  4. Make a tent with pegs over the washing line.

Remember, the more their hands and fingers work against resistance, the more feedback they get from their muscles and joints. This is good for building strength in their hands and fingers, as well as grading and guiding their fine motor movements more accurately.

They can work flat on the ground, or on a vertical surface. The more they can use their trunk muscles and shoulders, the better for their postural development.

Writing patterns in the mud, and drawing with charcoal.
Popping bubble wrap.
Make a tent over the washing line.

Enjoy the week, and remember to have fun with the kids too, you also deserve a break.

May you feel the warmth of the beautiful autumn colours in the changing of seasons

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