Ideas with Egg Boxes

Hi again! Children do not need expensive toys or electronic devices to have fun, they just need something novel and a little space. When you are busy cleaning and sorting the house again, it is a good idea to collect some “scrap” materials e.g. different containers, plastic bottles, toilet rolls and boxes.

There are many creative ideas for making things with egg boxes e.g. you can paint them, string them together or decorate them. There are some lovely websites when you google something like “craft ideas with egg boxes”.

However, after about 8 weeks in lockdown, we felt like doing something a little more destructive today 😅

You will need: egg boxes, rubber hammers, dry egg shells and spoons. Best to do this outside, or on a soft surface where the floor would not crack, and the kids are not able to hit each other by accident.

Smashing egg boxes
Smashing egg shells

These activities provide resistance (e.g weight of hammers, resistance of cardboard, action of smashing shells) and therefor good for strengthening hand and fingers muscles. These are also great for getting rid of some built-up frustration!

May you experience the beauty and blessing of simple joys ♥️

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